Ask your MP to take action to protect people with ME and post-COVID patients from harm

The ME community knows the potential for long lasting health problems from viral infections better than most. That’s why we have campaigned for harmful graded exercise therapy to be removed from the NICE guidelines for ME.


A recent statement from NICE explained that graded exercise therapy is not recommended for people with post-COVID fatigue. However, NICE continues to stand by its recommendation of graded exercise therapy for people with ME, and other NHS guidance for post-COVID rehabilitation still mentions graded exercise therapy without addressing the potential for harm.

Person in #MEAction t-shirt kneels next to person in wheelchair

Let's make sure all MPs know about this injustice, especially the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP.

MEAction UK have written an open letter. You can amplify this message by asking your MP to take action on your behalf and contact Matt Hancock MP. (If your MP is Matt Hancock, the template email will call for these actions directly!)

We are calling for:

  1. NICE to add an immediate warning on graded exercise therapy to current ME/CFS guidelines, noting that it harms a majority who undergo it.
  2. All government and NHS advice on post-COVID treatment and rehabilitation to address that patients could develop ME and that graded exercise and activity harms this patient population.

Follow 3 simple steps to join the call for change.

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STEP 2: A model email you can customise to write to your MP will appear. Feel free to change this however you feel is appropriate but please be polite and avoid any temptation of introducing party politics!

STEP 3: Once you've contacted your MP, please make sure to share this action with your friends & family via email & social media!